Restoration of Ancient Monuments

The Department of Archaeology in UCC has a long history of engagement with community groups on heritage matters. With great popular interest in our subject, there is  always scope to make the results of our research accessible to the general public. The Department regularly advises and supports the general public, local societies, schools and community groups on a range of areas relating to the archaeological heritage of Ireland. The aim is to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of this rich heritage, and so contribute to its protection through community-based support.

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UCC Archaeology recently carried out an archaeological excavation at the site of a standing stone pair in Clogagh North townland, near Timoleague, Co. Cork. This Bronze Age monument had been removed during field clearance some years ago. Following a request from the local community, Professor O’Brien and a team from the MA in Archaeological Excavation conducted a week-long investigation at the site. This located the original sockets, as well as three adjacent pits containing cremated human remains. Several other pits were discovered, as well as features connected to modern agriculture at this location. There are no early artifact finds, however radiocarbon dating of the cremations places the primary use of this monument in the period 1200–1000 BC. On completion of excavation, the two stones were re-erected in their original positions and the position of the cremation pits marked, thus restoring the monument.

School   School of the Human Environment
Contact Person Professor William O’Brien
Community partner   Clogagh National School, Timoleague, Co. CorkFr Patrick Hickey PP and Mr Bob Allen NT.
Date:  24th February, 2015

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